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Monsters University coloring pages for you to paint colors and have fun every day from our website giving color to black and white pictures . Your online leisure and entertainment area.

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Monsters University Logo coloring page

Monsters University Logo coloring page

This is the logo of the Monsters University, where monsters studying different professions for their future. This coat of arms where the initials MU College uses some of the elements that distinguish the monsters, like two horns, fangs or a few sharp thorns. With this online application you can give a more cheerful and colorful the logo of the Disn ... Read more

Monsters University Coloring Pages to online paint and black and white pictures for free coloring, Monsters University coloring pages to color now!

Monsters University Coloring Pages

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Monsters University

Coloring Pages for free in English about Monsters University and related You can finally enjoy Monsters University, the second part of Monsters Inc., in which the story about how the protagonists first met, which are Sulley, the enormous blue hairde monster, and Mike Wazowski, the round one eyed green monster. With this category of coloring pages of Monster University, you will have available the main characters that appear in the Disney Pixar movie. In the world of monsters, called Monstropolis, live the monsters separated from the world of humans. In the university, monsters study to prepare for the jobs which they are going to carry on in the future, but there is also time for fun. This movie narrates the acts that occurred before the first installment, Monsters Inc. Have fun with these printing pages of Mike, Sulley and the rest of the monsters at the university.

Monsters University Coloring Pages to paint colorful images on the Internet for free. Printable pictures of Monsters University. Monsters University (prequel to the first Monsters Inc. movie) is a Disney Pixar movie directed by Dan Scanlon in which the story narrates how the protagonists of Monsters Inc. met, which are James P. Sullivan (Sulley) and Michael Wazowski (Mike), ten years before what happened on the first installment. They will take us to the times where they were teenagers, in their school years, when they begin to study at the university for monsters. Although they must study and prepare to carry on a job in the future, there is also time for fun, the parties and the crazy adventures which we have grown accustomed to, and so it is a fun movie, for all the family, with which you will be able to have a good time. And thanks to these coloring pages of Monsters University you will also have fun coloring the drawings of the movie on your computer.. Here you have black and white pictures on line of Monsters University to paint and color in English without having to download anything or install anything on your computer. New drawings of Monsters University! and the best children's drawings. . Coloring pages of Monsters University that you can paint from your computer or print them out and color them by hand. Also you can download to your computer the image to print and color all the times that you want.

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Mike at Monsters University
7 out of 10 - 62 votes
times painted

This huge head with one eye only belongs to Mike Wazowski, who alongside Sulley and the rest of the monsters of Monstropolis star Monsters University, a Disney Pixar movie what tells us their years of ... [Read more]

Sulley at Monsters University
6 out of 10 - 47 votes
times painted

If you have already seen Monsters University, you can now color Sulley coming out of the university with his lunch and his disheveled hair. As you can see, although he is still pretty big, he has a yo ... [Read more]

Mike and Sulley
7 out of 10 - 31 votes
times painted

Mike Wazoswki and James P. Sullivan (Sulley) celebrate happy in this coloring page that Mike has captured Archie, the pet of the Fear Tech, the rival college of Monster University. Sulley holds in his ... [Read more]