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Despicable Me 2 Coloring Pages

Despicable Me 2 coloring pages for you to paint colors and have fun every day from our website giving color to black and white pictures . Your online leisure and entertainment area.

Despicable Me 2 Coloring Pictures

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Kyle coloring page

Kyle coloring page

This funny monster is Kyle, the pet of Gru and Margo, Agnes and Edith, the Gru’s daughters. It is a kind of shaggy dog ​​with big teeth and big bulging eyes. Now you can color the pet that appears on Despicable Me 2, along with another main characters and minions. Although Kyle may appear threatening or dangerous, the truth is that it ... Read more

Despicable Me 2 Coloring Pages to online paint and black and white pictures for free coloring, Despicable Me 2 coloring pages to color now!

Despicable Me 2 Coloring Pages

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Despicable Me 2

Coloring Pages for free in English about Despicable Me 2 and related You can enjoy Despicable Me 2 coloring pages, the second installment of these fun 3D animated films. In this film, Gru isn’t a villain and has been refurbished it to be a good father. He lives with his three daughters, Agnes, Edith and Margo. The Anti-Villain League decide infiltrate Gru to find out the identity of an evil villain. Lucy Wilde will be the companion of Gru in their mission. In our Gru coloring pages category you can find pictures of all the characters in the film. Notable minion drawings, Gru’s little helpers that are already part of his family. If you’ve enjoyed with your family in this film, also enjoy these coloring pages of Despicable Me 2. This film is suitable for all audiences, and for all ages.

Despicable Me 2 Coloring Pages to paint colorful images on the Internet for free. Printable pictures of Despicable Me 2. Despicable Me 2 is the second installment of Despicable Me. In this new film Gru is no longer a villain. Dr. Nefarious leaves him because he yearn his villain life. Now is the Anti-Villain League which require Gru to help them. Along with his partner Lucy Wilde, they must infiltrate into an evil organization to discover the identity of a new villain. The bad guy calls himself El Macho. When the characters are in trouble, they will get help from your friends and family to save the situation. This film was released in 2013, and features the voices of actors like Steve Carell (Gru), Miranda Cosgrove (Margo), Elsie Fisher (Agnes), Dana Gaier (Edith) and Kristen Wiig (Lucy Wilde). Do not waste time, and color now the pictures of Despicable Me 2.. Here you have black and white pictures on line of Despicable Me 2 to paint and color in English without having to download anything or install anything on your computer. New drawings of Despicable Me 2! and the best children's drawings. . Coloring pages of Despicable Me 2 that you can paint from your computer or print them out and color them by hand. Also you can download to your computer the image to print and color all the times that you want.

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Now available a Minion coloring page! This funny character is one of Gru’s minions in Gru film, Despicable Me 2. They are little people with yellow skin. They may have one or two eyes, and all are d ... [Read more]

Evil Minion
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Can you recognize a minion in this strange monster? It is the evil minion, a purple minion that has been created by the substance PX-41, which transforms into a monster to anyone who touches it. In th ... [Read more]

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Agnes, the youngest daughter of Gru, never separated from its huge stuffed unicorn. In Despicable Me, Agnes was obsessed with unicorns, and in Despicable Me 2, the second Gru’s film, she follows wit ... [Read more]