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Coloring pages is the best online coloring pages website in English. Here you can color drawings for free online and also print the drawings to color on paper, you can do it online without having to install anything on the computer like coloring drawings?

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Lady and the Tramp in Love coloring page

Lady and the Tramp in Love coloring page

This romantic scene from Lady and the Tramp is perfect to color for Valentines. It appears Lady and Tramp are enjoying a romantic dinner in the alley behind an Italian restaurant. The spaghetti scene is very popular, and is full of romance. The Disney films have precious love moments that now you can relive coloring these drawings. The Love Day is ... Read more

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In Coloring pages we like to offer for kids and adults always a variety of pictures to color and paint for not need to register or pay anything, only play online coloring in your internet browser. Free coloring pages is possible by Coloring pages. If you want to contact us find us on all social networks like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest or Youtube the channels of Gifmania. Black and white images ready to print to the printer and use it with crayons or markers. Teaching and educational activity for kids.

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No matter the topics you like, we have the coloring image you are looking for. Thousands of coloring sheets of all types are waiting for you in our great data base. And remember that, if you have a game that is not in our data base, you can send it on the social networks.


Drawings and painters

Our site has a total of 743 designs available for you to colorize the one you want. Very many young artists have already been to our website and have colored much. Are you going to participate? We have a total of 1.514.954 drawings and colored as of today!


Linked Hearts

Love Coloring Pages

If you have something special for someone, you can color these tied hearts to make a romantic gift to that person that is so important to you. You can color it, print it and write some words that express your feelings. You will surely make the other person very happy, and who knows if love may arise. Be brave, and you can fill with pride for your courage.

Monster Truck

Trucks Coloring Pages

You now have available this coloring page of a monster truck performing a complicated stunt jump. The monster truck is a modified truck with some giant wheels and a very high suspension, and they perform in car shows like racing, jumping and dangerous maneuvers.

Dog with bone

Dogs Coloring Pages

This cute dog is very happy because he has a delicious bone in his mouth. The dogs love bones because they need to bite hard things with their strong jaws. For them, these objects are hard chew toys. The appearance of this dog looks like some breeds like the golden retriever or labrador retriever. These dog breeds are medium-large sized living very pleasantly family.

Tigers and Lions

Animals Coloring Pages

The cats are the biggest cats in the world, in this picture we have the kings of the cats, tigers and lions, animals over this family size. Tigers and lions are predators Wedding in Africa and Asia. Tigers have striped across a large hair and a mane lions. They are one of the children's favorite animals and they sure know what color they paint.

Australian Animals

Animals Coloring Pages

This coloring page shows us some species of animals that can be found in Australia. You can see a drawing of a kangaroo, an armadillo, a koala and a fox, some of the most typical animals of the Australian continent. Color this drawing of animals and marsupials online with colors that you like and make a nice color drawing.

The novelties that we have added in the coloring pages on the last days to the Gifmania network, do not forget to come here every day to see our newest contents. With us you will always have fun, and coloring or print pictures with us is free! At school it is very common that are used as training and educational material, help the child's educational development and motor skills and coordination. Paint to color online with over one hundred categories like infant, for children, princesses, cartoons, children's stories or series with thousands of free online drawings.

Coloring pages is a network which is present on all the most important countries and in all continents. You can do our activities through the Internet, no matter where you are from, if you have a flash plug-in or you can play on the versions of our websites for mobile phones, iPhone, Android, Samsung, iPad and other tablets. This is a free service and visiting our website means accepting the conditions of the service and privacy that are applicable on our website.

We suggest an activity for your kids to have fun and entertain with this activity that helps develop children's motor skills and coordination, as well as an activity both educational and fun. All images are printable in black and white to color on paper by hand.